EXCLUSIVE distributor of the ESA range - Australia's most ADVANCED and AFFORDABLE battery storage system!

Solar Shop Group is affiliated with other solar brands including Commsolar, Commercial Power Solutions and Premier Solar. These iconic brands have dominated the roll out of Solar Power systems across Australia since 1999. At the time of their merge, collectively, these iconic brands had installed more solar panels than any other company in Australia's history. The group's passion and growing presence in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors is reflective towards it commitment to its growing customer base. We are committed to delivering the same core values and quality standards that have made the brands some of the most trusted in the Australian Clean Energy sector.

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How Solar Works?

The basic principle of solar is that it will produce power from the sun which is then sent to either the house, battery storage or the grid. The sun produces photons or light which are absorbed by the silicon in a solar panel, the same way our skin absorbs the sun and burns. The silicon and conductors in the panel convert these photons into electricity which then flow through the solar array and into the inverter as Direct Current (DC). An inverter converts the DC into Alternating Current (AC). This is the type of electricity we use in our homes. AC then runs into the meter which decides where the electricity needs to go; either…

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