About Us

Clean Energy Enterprises Pty Ltd owns and operates the Solarshop, Commsolar, Commercial Power Solutions and Premier Solar. These iconic brands have dominated the roll out of Solar Power systems across Australia since 1999.

Collectively, these iconic brands have installed more Solar Panels and generated more Solar Power than any other company in Australia’s history.

The launch of Clean Energy Enterprises in September 2012 and reflects the group’s passion and growing presence in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors. Clean Energy Enterprises is committed to delivering the same core values and quality standards that have made them the most trusted brands in the Australian Clean Energy sector.

  • Clean Energy Enterprises and its iconic brands will continue to advocate and commercialise clean energy technologies in a highly ethical and socially responsible way.
  • Clean Energy Enterprises and its iconic brands will continue to strive to be the most innovative and trusted brands in the clean energy sector.
  • Clean Energy Enterprises and its iconic brands will continue to always act in our customers’ best interest.
  • CEE….a more sustainable future.
Our Values

We believe in making energy independence possible, through:

  • Customer focus
  • Quality products
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Dedication
  • and a passion for the Environment.
That means that we take the time to listen to you, understanding your needs and providing you the optimum solution. That means making sure you’re getting the best returns on your investment.

Our vision for the future

Our vision for the future drives everything we do at Solar Shop Australia: why else would we have gone into this business 10 years ago when solar panels cost $1,000 each!

Our goal is to be Australia’s leading & most trusted provider of integrated solar energy solutions.

We can see beyond the present to a nation where everyone knows someone who is drawing free energy from the sun – a simple, personally-recognisable goal.

We know that with more people feeling the power of good from Solar Shop Australia every day, more households can become their own electricity generators.

For further information please contact us or book a free solar consultation.

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