Daniel Cobb of SolarShop

Daniel Cobb has held the position of managing director of many businesses, including Solarshop and the other branches of Clean Energy Enterprises. Along with his extensive experience as an industry leader in the field of solar power, Daniel has over a decade of experience in the television production industry.

During his career, Daniel has forged a reputation as a business man who can take over businesses in dire circumstances and turn them around to achieve the best results for all parties involved. He excels in planning and implementing strategies to get the best out of situations that many have already classified as untenable.

On top of his work in the professional realm, Daniel has been extremely active in community groups related to two of his life’s greatest passions: football and his faith. He is the largest sponsor of community football in Victoria with the official title of ‘Major Community Partner of FFV and Football in Victoria’. He is also a former managing director of the Brisbane Roar Football Club, a position he took on with pride and used to establish stronger ties with the clubs core supporter base.

The reputation Daniel has built in the business world is strong and wide-reaching. He is often invited to industry events to deliver speeches and has worked closely with board members and senior management of many of Australia’s biggest companies, including but not limited to Origin, Energy Australia, Mirvac, Mastercard International, Optus, Foxtel, ABC, Holden and Ticketmaster,

In his personal life Daniel is a devoted and loving husband to his wife and proud father of his two children. He has continued to extend his education throughout his life in various fields of study including Mechanical Engineering, Migration Law, Management, Finance, Governance Practise, Theology and more.

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