Preventative Maintenance

Solar Shops’ Solar System Preventative Maintenance Program is based on Australian standards for photovoltaic (PV) industry maintenance practices and is tailored to Australia’s unique requirements. Regular preventative maintenance is required to ensure your PV system is operating at its peak performance. Conducting regular maintenance will help your system generate the highest amount of electricity possible therefore ensuring the highest return on your PV investment.

Regular servicing is a key factor when it comes to the preservation and longevity of your solar system. To achieve the best out of your PV System and to ensure the maximum lifespan of your investment, manufacturers recommend regular servicing, such as on an annual basis.

At Solar Shop we understand and appreciate that you have made a significant investment into Solar Power. For existing Solar shop customers who have invested in highly credible products and installations, we are proud to continue offering support with the provision of our Solar System Preventative Maintenance Program to help monitor your PV system.

For other non-Solar Shop customers, we welcome the opportunity to extend our program to you too. Our program will identify whether your system can be improved due to changes in regulations, harsh outdoor environmental conditions or even a sub-standard installation, which can all impact the integrity of the components and effectiveness of your PV system.

Our low cost servicing at $299 plus GST ensures feedback on your system and that it is operating safely and at its best. We have the experience and resources to identify problems and rectify them before they become a serious issue.

Our 31 point check list includes but not limited to checking the below potential deficiencies:

  • Safety warning labels are current, intact and visible
  • KWh production of the system is consistent with reasonably expected generation and outputs
  • Inspect all System design for appropriate configurations
  • Inspection of modules and arrays for any signs of unusual degradation or damage;
  • AC/DC electrical check and maintenance;
    • check all accessible roof-top electrical connections;
    • check AC meter or panel electrical connections;
  • Inspect string inverters and do preventative maintenance if applicable;
  • Inspect outer PV array perimeter flashings and sealants at roof penetrations;
  • Tighten any solar module mounting hardware if loosened
  • The integrity of the wiring is checked to ensure that no damage has been caused by extreme weather conditions such as the heat, suns UV rays, bird or other vermin etc
  • The framing integrity is corrosion free and all fixings are secured
  • Cable terminations and connectors are not corroded and securely fastened
  • Junction boxes are secure and weatherproof rated, including moisture free inspection
  • Inspection of isolators, circuit breakers and switches are fastened securely, fully operational and appropriately rated.


Preventative Maintenance Terms and Conditions.
  1. Prices are valid for single storey systems located within 80km of the nearest Solar Shop branch, or at management’s discretion.
  2. Prices are for standard one-storey buildings. For other buildings (e.g. multi-storey) and where access equipment and/or additional fall prevention systems are required to conduct service works, additional costs may occur. For standard double storey buildings not requiring additional access equipment there will be an additional $70 (plus GST) above the standard fee.
  3. Before any additional works are conducted to correct any defects identified, these shall be reported to the customer, quoted and acceptance is required by the customer prior to undertaking corrective works.
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