Solar Airconditioning – Frequently Asked Questions

No_Interest_Ever» What savings can I expect compared to standard inverter type air conditioners?

The solar hybrid air conditioning unit uses heat energy from the sun to super heat the refrigerant gas and assist the compressor in changing the refrigerant gas to liquid. The workload of the compressor is reduced and savings of approximately 35% to 65%* in electricity consumption is attained dramatically reducing running costs.

» Does the solar panel produce electricity?

The solar panel does not produce electricity but rather acts as a heat exchange.

» Does the solar panel need direct sunlight shining on it?

No. The solar panel operates efficiently in shade or direct sunlight as it draws ambient air temperature.

» Can the solar panel be retrofitted to an existing air conditioner?

No. The compressors used are specifically designed and manufactured for the solar hybrid air conditioning system. All our main components are Japanese manufactured.

» How far does the solar panel need to be from the outdoor unit?

This distance needs to be approximately 2 metres maximum to maintain optimtal efficiency.

» How far does the head and outdoor unit have to be apart?

Ideally installation is one that is back to back in that the head unit inside on the wall has the outdoor unit directly opposite it. Copper piping is supplied so that the distance is around 2.5m, however it can be as far as 9m maximum, but costs extra to supply and install.

» What are the warranty terms?

The parts and labour warranty for domestic applications is 5 years and for commercial and industrial applications it is 1 year.

Download the warranty terms

» Is it available in reverse cycle?

It is available in reverse cycle (heating and cooling), and all functions are controlled by a hand held remote control.

» Quality

The Solarshop range of products utilise Japanese manufactured Mitsubishi Electric or Toshiba compressor types specifically designed for our Hybrid system. Japanese manufactured control gear is also used internally. The solar panel is manufactured in China with the components assembled at our factory based in China. The factory operates under ISO 9001 standards and we employ our own QC team in addition to in-house QC checks for each of our purchase orders.

» Compliance

A CE compliant product, MEPS accreditation on Single Head units is complete. MEPS compliance is not required for other AC units in the range.