Prior to contacting our call centre, our experience indicates that 90% or more customer queries can be resolved simply by working through the steps below. After having gone through the steps and the issue remains unreseolved, please contact us and a Solarshop representative will contact with you shortly.
Below are the steps in how to shut down and restart the GCS PV Solar system in the correct way. This can be helpful for such things like power outages etc.

  • go to inverter
  • switch box next to Inverter– grey in colour with green cover
  • turn off AC Isolator (Inverter)– single switch
  • turn off DC Isolator (PV Array) – double switch
  • go to main fuse box on your home
  • turn off solar main power switch
  • wait half an hour minimum with your system off
  • switch system back on in the reverse order

When switches are up they are switched ON. Down is OFF.

Let the system re-connect for a few minutes and see if the error messages and or lights are still faulting, it can be helpful to do the reboot a couple of times during the day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

If the Inverter does not start running again after you’ve tried rebooting, it may be another issue.

For further assistance with this, a solar accredited electrician will be able to service this for you.
To find an accredited solar electrician near you, you can go to
Please see below for information on warranties.


If you believe your system is underperforming you will need to take 3 consecutive readings from your Inverter, this will be shown as ‘E-Today = 6.8kW h’ on the LED inverter screen.

It is important that you get these readings as late in the day as possible so it gives us accurate performance readings.
After these readings have been collected, please email them and your details to and we will assess the analysis and respond with instructions within 48-72 hours.

If assistance is required please contact us and a Solarshop representative will contact you within 48-72 hours.