Negative Grounding Kits

There have been some solar systems installed in Australia which did not include a Negative Grounding Kit. At the time, these were not identified as a required item and therefore not all systems and products required these to be installed. The issue has been identified mainly with thin-film panels and this upgrade will assist as a precaution against corrosion.Installing the Negative Grounding Kit is highly recommended as it helps prevent corrosion on the conductive layer on the inside of the cover glass of your solar system, which may impact the performance of your system and its generating capacity in the future. This will also increase longevity of your panels and solar system



The grounding set offers the following advantages:
  1. The set is available for both the positive and negative grounding.
  2. Due to the internal grounding, changes to the external generator cabling is superfluous and saves time.
  3. The grounding is fused by an internal thermal fuse and therefore provides additional safety (fire protection).
  4. The grounding set they can be seamlessly integrated into the inverter, thus the isolation monitoring remains completely preserved. This important safety feature of SMA devices can identify possible insulation failures within the generator.
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